Aysegul Gurbuz and Yagmur Bayindir selected to represent Turkey at Y20 Summit in Argentina

The Republic of Turkey will be represented at the Y20 Argentina Summit in Córdoba on August 13-19 by Ayşegül Gürbüz as the academic delegate and Yağmur Bayındır as the social leader delegate.

Ayşegül Gürbüz

IMG_0604 (1)She received her BA in Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick in 2016. She continued her graduate education at Bogazici University, where she received her MA in International Relations: Turkey, Europe and the Middle East in 2017, with a project titled ‘Intended and Unintended Consequences of Policy Making: The Case of the UK’s Prevent Strategy.’ Prior to her academic studies, during the summer of 2013, Aysegul worked with her local Member of Parliament and conducted a research project for Victim Support, which is a charity organization that seeks to provide assistance to defendants during their court procedures. The major concern of this project was to research the barriers that were preventing ethnic minorities from taking advantage of the services that Victim Support provides. The report drew attention to inter-sectionality and to the lack of understanding minorities’ experiences in the UK. Aysegul also attended the International Association for Political Science Students winter school in 2015, which was held at Sakarya University’s Middle East Institute. During the same year, she attended the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs Center for Strategic Research summer school. Currently, Aysegul is working at the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA).

Yağmur Bayındır

IMG_0605 (1)She graduated from Antalya Science University with a BA in Political Science and International Relations and she is currently pursuing MA in International Relations at Bilkent University. In order to expand her interest in international relations she attended many events such as Youth Ministerial Meetings organized by Youth Atlantic Treaty Association in cooperation with Turkish Youth Atlantic Treaty Association, Summer School at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategic Research Center, and Jean Monnet Summer Module on European Union and Security in the Wider Neighborhood.

Bayındır who did her internships at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategic Research Center in 2016 and at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, the University of Amsterdam in 2017, besides her assistantship tasks, continues to work as an intern at the International Coach Federation (ICF) Project Committee. She has gained a great deal of experience through those works on educational programs, project management, foreign policy analysis, and content analysis. While dedicated to her academic studies, she improved her leadership and management skills through being representative and volunteering activities at various organizations such as Turkish Women’s International Network, Social Entrepreneur Young Leaders Academy, and Women Entrepreneurs Association.

While carrying out the responsibilities of being the board member at aktiF-İz Youth Community (AGT) since 2014 and Executive Committee member at the Social Responsibility Projects Congress which is organized by AGT each year, Yağmur Bayındır also represents AGT within the Youth Organizations Forum which is an umbrella organization for youth NGOs in Turkey. She implemented and attended many projects such as youth exchanges and training courses funded by the EU. She is interested in social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, democracy, youth inclusion, youth unemployment, and European Union. She also visited many countries such as Jordan, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Romania.

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