Turkish Delegation for Y20 Indonesia 2022 Summit is Ready

The Republic of Turkey will be represented at the Y20 Indonesia Summit by Berk Cem TATAR on Sustainable and Liveable Planet, Hülya KÖSEMATOĞLU for Diversity and Inclusion, Berfu Ege SÖBE for Youth Employment, Nisanur KEPÇELER for Digital Transformation topics. We congratulate our delegates and wish them a successful Summit!

Berk Cem TATARSustainable and Liveable Planet Delegate & Head of Turkish Delegation
Berk Cem Tatar, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2020, with distinction. During his undergraduate education, he studied at the University of Graz for a semester with the Erasmus Programme. Berk has partaken in many international law clubs and student associations during his undergraduate education and has held positions as a board member and director in these entities. After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Law, he pursued his master’s degree in Public Law at Istanbul University Social Sciences Institute.

Currently, he is writing a dissertation on Comparative Constitutional Law within the scope of his master’s degree. In addition, he is currently doing his second master’s degree in Human Rights at the University of Vienna and is conducting research on the relationship between Human Rights and Diplomatic Immunity. Berk attended a summer school program on Diplomacy and Law in Croatia and 6 weeks-long ‘School of Diplomats’ certificate program at Bahçeşehir University. Throughout his bachelor’s and master’s, Berk has done internships at the Ministry of European Union of Turkey, Permanent Representation of Turkey to the Council of Europe, TASAM (Turkish-Asia Strategic Studies Center), Erdem Law Firm, and Turkish Embassy in Tehran. Within the scope of his academic studies, he has published articles on human rights, the Middle East, and international law. He is also an attorney at law, registered with the Istanbul Bar Association, and lives in Vienna.
Hülya KösematoğluDiversity and Inclusion Delegate
Hülya Kösematoğlu graduated from Harvard University in 2021 with an honors degree in Economics. During her studies she did extensive research at Harvard Business School on technology reemergence and development and behavioral economics under the leadership of Prof. Reshmaan Hussam and Ryan Raffaelli. She coauthored a paper with Prof. Reshmaan Hussam on migration and health in South Asia that got accepted into the University of Chicago Press. During her studies, she also served on the board of the Harvard Advocate, the oldest college literally magazine in the U.S. while being in charge of organizing the Igniting Innovation Summit which unites students, academics, and leaders in various fields who are passionate about developing innovative solutions to today’s most pressing problems.

Currently, Kösematoğlu works as an Investment Banking Analyst at Citigroup in New York, performing comprehensive valuation analyses on potential acquisition target, existing portfolio companies, and exit strategies by building financial models focused on various pro forma capital structures, operating scenarios, and acquisition assumptions. Most recently, she worked on the merger of Frontier and Spirit airlines, an industry transforming transaction with a combined enterprise value of $11.5 billion. Outside of work, Kösematoğlu is heavily involved in nonprofit work. She founded the Give A Hand Organization in 2015 to be able to give high school students the opportunity to volunteer with Syrian refugee children in Turkey while explaining Turkey’s humanitarian policy accurately at an international level. 100 high school students worldwide have come to Turkey through the program that continues to assist 150 refugee children today. To supplement her volunteer work, Kösematoğlu has also written a paper on the impact of the Syrian refugees on Turkey’s economy which got published by the International Relations Department of Hasan Kalyoncu University.
Berfu Ege SÖBEYouth Employment Delegate
Berfu Ege Söbe is a double degree honours student in the fields of governance and law. Söbe currently studies Global Law at Tilburg University and Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Berfu Ege Söbe’s expertise lies in global development issues, international & supranational organizations, rule of law, and youth empowerment. Previously, Söbe graduated from Robert College of Istanbul with the Social Sciences Award among several other awards. Söbe continues her academic life and career by taking part in research in political science and international organizations and participates in internship programs, currently working in global compliance and cybersecurity.

In addition to her academic career, Söbe is the Chairperson of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub (ESH), a local organization connecting students, scholars, and organizations to work together on sustainable development. Here, Söbe also founded the ESH Impact Incubator to support local social enterprises. Söbe was also invited as the only student board member of the administrative Erasmus University Liaison Network. In 2020, Söbe was selected as the representative of Turkey at the G(irls)20 Global Summit. In 2019, Berfu Ege Söbe became the first person from Turkey to receive the Princess Diana Award, an international award recognizing young leaders’ work in positive impact, for her contributions to youth engagement and education. Berfu Ege Söbe has an excellent command of English, German, Turkish, and French, as well as Turkish Sign Language.
Nisanur KEPÇELERDigital Transformation Delegate
Nisanur Kepceler, a full scholarship student at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, is pursuing a double major in International Relations and Law. She is also employed at the same university as a teaching assistant. Nisanur received two diplomas from Kartal Anadolu Imam Hatip High School in 2020. She studied the Turkish national curriculum as well as international curricula such as IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) throughout her high school years. Nisanur has participated in numerous national debate tournaments and Model United Nations (MUN) conferences since high school. During her MUN career, she received multiple awards, including the best delegate award and the outstanding delegate award. Nisanur has also been an active member of the organizing committee of KAIHLMUN since 2016.
Nisanur enjoys getting to know people from various backgrounds. She volunteered as a tourist guide on the historical peninsula of Istanbul. She has been working as a guide and translator for filmmakers, producers, and actors from all over the world who come to the Turkish Red Crescent International Amity Short Film Festival every year since 2018. Nisanur also helps out at the Orphan Foundation as a volunteer. She assisted traumatized Syrian children as well as those going through the adaptation process. Linguistics, literature, history, art, and Istanbul are all areas of interest for Nisanur. She enjoys oil painting and is currently taking violin lessons. Nisanur speaks Turkish, English, Arabic, and Russian.

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