About Us

YCDC (Youth Commission for Diplomacy and Collaboration) aims to serve as a medium for young people to take part in civil society by bringing them together to discuss domestic and international issues. YCDC hopes to foster and voice the youth’s ideas and opinions through various forums and ultimately make a positive contribution to society.

YCDC wants young Turks to host and be represented at various domestic and international forums, summits, contests etc. We want to provide information on these types of events, firstly, to ensure the youth are represented and secondly, because they are important for developing well-rounded young people.

The core functions of YCDC include all activities involving the optimal representation of Turkey in the Y20 (Youth-20) Summits, an engagement group of the G20 (Group-20). YCDC takes on the responsibility to bring awareness to the Turkish youth; encourage their participation; select them in a fair manner based on their abilities and knowledge; preparing the selected delegates for the summit and securing sponsorship for this process.

Since its foundation, it has been growing with the constant additions of the leaders of the future who are dynamic with excellent representation capacity, have demonstrated interest in international relations and wish to gain experience by furthering this interest in international platforms. Within this framework, YCDC is in the forefront for cultivating such youth under its roof and works with the top universities of Turkey to inform the youth of the opportunities YCDC offers.

YCDC acts as a pathway for the youth of Turkey, Turkey’s most essential human capital, for them to show the potential they possess to shape the future to the world’s youth and the world leaders. Instead of preparing them for the future, it is aimed to shape the future by adding vision to the dynamics brought by the youth and being a guide to the young generation.

YCDC is an independent and non-profit organization which was formed under a complete volunteerism principal. In order to continue its activities, it accepts donations and other aid for as long as they are unconditional. As of 2014 it was earned official auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and its support. The 2015 Y20 Summit was carried out by YCDC with the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Official letter from the Prime Ministry on the implementation of the Y20 Turkey Summit by YCDC

YCDC is an official partner of the IDEA network and is responsible for recruiting young Turks for the Y8 and Y20 summits.