2016 Çin Zirvesi

Çin’deki Y20 Zirvesi’nde Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’ni, Oğuzhan Mailmail, Deniz Baran, Gülay Kaplan, Yavuz Selim Elmas ve Elif Nur Duman temsil etmiştir. 

The Youth 20 China 2016 closes in Shanghai on the morning of July 29. Y20 is one of the outreach programs of the Group 20 (G20) Summit. Since its opening on July 27, over 100 youth delegates from the G20 member countries, guest countries, and international organizations have undertaken heated discussion over five sub-topics under the general theme of “Youth Innovation for Our Shared Vision”. During the meeting, head delegates from each member country delivered Ignite talks and a consensus was reached on basis of opinion exchange and experiences sharing over several round-table sessions. With insights from expert opinions sought in their interaction with invited guest speakers from home and abroad in various fields including politics, economics, finance, sports, and international organization, a Communiqué was formed after the thorough discussion.

The Y20 China delegates expressed their hope and confidence in actively participating in the meeting to get their voices heard in the upcoming G20 Summit in China and in making greater contribution to the development of world economy and global governance.

This year’s Y20 is hosted by All-China Youth Federation, organized by Fudan University, and co-sponsered by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Youth Federation and China Youth Daily.

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